How the hive works, for all of us...


We believe in community kindness and integrity. We work together to promote our own businesses as well as our fellow Hive members.


Of course you don't have to book the entire collective, but if you book 3 or more of our members you will receive a free 2 hour, in person consultation with one of our Hive Event planners.

Who we are and what we do ...

How it all  began...

Photographer Kelly Merchant was inspired by the talented local artisans and businesses she photographed for local magazines as well as in her own personal artistic endeavers. She knew that people in her community cared where there products came from and who made them. Word of mouth references were key. Her idea was to form a collective where the businesses worked together to acquire more business for themselves and each other.


Partnered with Rafael Perez, a clothing designer, they established a business plan and hand picked hive members to join based on past interactions. The partners love their work and want to work with people who not only feel the same way, but also feel it is more rewarding to work in a relaxed, fun, positive atmosphere.

You! Local customers promoting local businesses, artisans, artists, farmers etc. Do you know that Ulster County has the highest artists per capita in the U.S.? Whether you are local, a weekender or a tourist we all know how special the Hudson Valley is. The proximity to NYC as well as our many universities, artist colonies, and culinary institutions inspire an infusion of fresh ideas.

What we need...

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                       The Hive Event collective is a group of friends, professionals in their given fields, who share a common interest in collaborating with other local talents.


Focusing on boutique sized celebrations with an artisanal feel, we offer our clients locally sourced, environmentally conscious options whenever possible. As devotees of the Hudson Valley we share rare finds, unique to this area, with our clients. We hand pick our members based on talent, professionalism, social consciousness and their desire to work joyously in a creative environment. Because of the collaborative nature of our business we strive to not only highlight our individual businesses, but the collective as a whole. Utilizing each of our areas of expertise enables us to tune into our clients needs and help conceptualize an event that is a unique, personal experience.


When planning an event we want our clients to feel honored and welcomed, as if they are planning a celebration with friends.



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